Twist & Turns

In 1965 I transferred from the College of Law at Ohio State University to The Divinity School at Harvard University. Sitting in a Philosophy of Religion lecture, I was thinking only about photography; the lecture was a blur. The day before, I photographed the Hare Krishna dancing on the Boston Common and I could hardly wait to develop the black & white film.

An epiphany: I would quit Harvard and become a photographer. I walked out of the lecture and never went back. Soon Albie-Graphics, Custom appeared, with me doing B&W photo finishing; four camera stores in Harvard Square signed on. If I wasn't in the darkroom, I was out on the street taking pictures.

Keeping in touch with teachers and friends from the Divinity School was important. One HDS friend served as Director of the Cooper Community Center, located in a blighted area of Roxbury, MA. I brought several people together at the Center to create a photography project aimed at expanding neighborhood children's visual curiosity.

Polaroid Corporation generously donated film and cameras, and soon these impoverished children of the ghetto began creating their pictures. In 1969 Houghton Mifflin published The Image Is You, text by Dr. Robert Coles, featuring the children’s Polaroid images. Later, I photographed him several times at Harvard for Newsweek Magazine.

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